Film Director Ken Loach Seen Filming In BBC
Z Cars1962Serie dramáticaTroy Kennedy Martin803Joss Ackland, Brain Blessed, Joseph Brady.
Diary od a Young Man1964Serie dramáticaTroy Kennedy Martin6Victor Henry, Richard Moore,
Nerys Hughes.
3 Clear Sundays1965DramaJimmy O’Connor1Tony Selby, Finnuala O´Shannon, Dickie Owen Will.
Up the Junction1965Teatro para TvNell Dunn1 episodio para The
Wednesdar Play
Carol White, Geraldine Sherman, Vickery Turner.
The End of Arthur´s Marriage1965Drama musicalChristopher Logue1 episodio para The
Wednesdar Play
Ken Jones, Maureen Ampleford, Charles Lamb.
Coming Out Party 1965Serie dramática
James O’Connor
1 episodio para The
Wednesdar Play
Toni Palmer, 
George Sewell, 
Dennis Golding.
Cathy Come Home1966Documental dramáticoJeremy Standford1 episodio para The
Wednesdar Play
Carol White, Ray Brooks, Winifred Dennis.
In Two Minds1967Serie dramáticaDavid Mercer1 episodio para The
Wednesdar Play
Anna Cropper, George A. Cooper, Brain Phelan.
The Golden Vision1968Comedia dramáticaNeville Smith1 episodio para The
Wednesdar Play
Ken Jones, Bill Dean, Neville Smith
The Big Flame1969Serie dramáticaJim Allen1 episodio paraThe
Wednesdar Play
Peter Kerrigan, Norman Rossington, Godfery Quigley.
The Rank and the File1971Serie dramática Jim Allen 1 episodio para Play for TodayPeter Kerrigan, Billy Dean,
Tommy Summers.
After a Lifetime1971Serie dramática Neville Smith 1 episodio de: The
Wednesdar Play
Bill Dean, Neville Smith, 
Edie Brooks.
A Misfortune 1973TelefilmAnton Tchekhov1 episodio para BBCPeter Eyre, Lucy Fleming, Ben Kingsley.
Days of Hope 1975Serie dramáticaJim Allen4Paul Copley, Pamela Brighton, Nikolas Simmonds.
The Price of Coal1977Comedia dramáticaBarry Hines 2 episodios para Play for Today Rita May, Bobby Knutt, Paul Chappell
Auditions1980DocumentalKen Loach1Penni Dunlop, Janet Cooper, Karen Williams.
A Question of Leadership1981DocumentalKen Loach1
The Red and the Blue1982DocumentalRoger James1 episodio para Channel FourPeter Lilley, Tony Benn, Derek Hatton
The View From the Woodpile1989Serie dramáticaRobin Probyn 3 episodio para Channel Four Jimmi Dunn, Paul Harp, Steve Page


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